What Is Wrong with Mr. Biscuit?

Since the start of this blog or just about, you’ve seen references to my many trips to the vet, to the medicine I take, and to the difficulty I have with the simple act of breathing and sometimes eating. So, what is wrong with me?

That’s the question my humans have been asking since they took me home. At first, it was believed I had the feline herpes virus, which is common and even expected in cats who have been through the shelter system. I have been taking lysine treats every day for it, though it turns out those may be inefficient against the virus after all. In any case, when they drew my blood the last time, they did further analyses and found that I was herpes-negative.

The same tests found no trace of a particular fungus, which is good, because the thought of something growing inside of me, like an alien, is more than a little disturbing. It was also thought that maybe I had a foreign object stuck up my nose and that was why I was so phlegmy, but they did a full nasal rinse during that traumatizing visit and found nothing. Just a lot of snot.

So why is it there? Why can’t I breathe properly? Well, the leading hypothesis is that I have allergies. You usually hear of humans being allergic to cats, not the felines themselves needing a tissue, but here we are. Allergic to what, you ask? That would be the new thousand-dollar question.

My staff is busy changing all of my habits to try to figure it out. It’s highly inconvenient, but maybe someday we’ll know. Until then, it’s a mucus life for me!

Now you understand the tear stains.

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