Why Your Cat Loves Enclosed Spaces

You might not know this about me. It’s something I’ve always kept private, my dirty little secret. No, it’s not my need to steal bread products; you already know about that. And no, it’s not the urge to rip up toilet paper, though it does shame me to be so stereotypically cat in that way. Stop trying to guess. I love caves, alright? There.

If you’ve ever wondered why your cat likes enclosed spaces so much, wonder no more: they’re caves. And caves make us feel safe. This might seem strange to humans, especially the claustrophobic ones, but it’s true. When we’re hiding in a box that’s been tipped over on the floor, danger can only come from one direction. In the wild, we’re both the hunters and the hunted, so our instincts are attuned to things like finding shelter or setting up an ambush.

A cave.

That’s the long and short of it. Enclosed spaces feel cozy to us. That’s why we love hiding not only in boxes, but also under the bed and other types of furniture. They are caves, where we have an advantage over what may lurk around us, be it humans or fellow cats. That’s also why some of us retreat to these places when thunder or fireworks make the very air rumble with menace.

Another cave.

Likewise, we don’t necessarily like to be completely covered with a sheet, because we can’t see anything. It may be fine when we’re ready to sleep and already feel safe, but we need that opening to survey oncoming threats. That’s why caves are our ideal refuge, and why I wanted one for my own private island.

There you have it. This new foray into the wonderful world of felines has been brought to you by The Mr. Biscuit Blog. Join me again next week as I showcase a very special cat shelter.

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