Winter Wonderland

Don’t you just love Christmas? Maybe your humans don’t celebrate it, but mine do. It is feline heaven.

I’ve already talked about the tree. Not only is it a tree in my own living room, it is also full of toys. There’s balls to knock off and roll around, bells to jingle, and fabric ornaments just waiting to be eaten. Too bad the needles are toxic.

My festive hideout.

The real attraction are the numerous gift boxes. When they’re all piled together on Christmas morning, it’s like an obstacle course made for yours truly. I can jump on them, hide behind them, and stalk my way through a colorful, shiny jungle.

And then humans unwrap the presents. That leaves tons of wrapping paper, funny little bows, and, best of all, boxes to play with! Empty boxes. They make my life complete. All in all, I love Christmas. I only wish it stuck around longer.

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