Introducing the Mr. Biscuit Webcomic!

Introducing the Mr. Biscuit Webcomic!

Do your eyes deceive you, or did you just gaze upon the first edition of The Mr. Biscuit Webcomic? The Trouble with the Tortillas is the first of my adventures to get the comic treatment, but there will be plenty more, along with brand new stories and jokes. You can expect a strip once a week as well as a regular blog post, save for this week, as they’ve merged into one almighty being.

How come I’m not in the comic?

Last week, I did say that I would be talking about my visit to the vet. They’ve learned not to take my temperature rectally anymore, but it hasn’t made the experience any more pleasant, because they insist on drawing my blood. I may be one brave kitty, but needles are scary. That’s a fact. It took two humans holding me down so that a third could fill little bottles with my essence. It was pretty rough.

Part of it was because they have to check my blood every six months to see how my body is doing, what with taking a steroid daily to help with my rhinitis, which is what they call all of the stuff going on with my nasal passages. But they were also running a test to see if I’m infected with some kind of fungus, cryptococcosis or whatever. It was a risk my parents often talked about with the vets, since I was evacuated from hurricane Harvey, and fungal infections are a threat in flood zones. Thankfully, the results were negative. Or maybe I should say unfortunately, because we still don’t know what the issue is.

I see you.

And then this happened. My pupils were the same size until two weeks ago. Now, my left eye is wonky. It could be the result of an infection, so back to the clinic we go. My life really is full of adventures. If only I were insured. But I’m not, because I had a seizure two days after the humans brought me home from the shelter, voiding the five-day-without-incident period. Whoops.

That’s where the webcomic comes in. I will be creating a Patreon page or something similar to gather support for the vet costs, especially since my parent are considering a rhinoscopy, which would require thousands of dollars. Yikes.

Help will be appreciated, if you can and feel like contributing. That being said, I will be over the moon if you simply share a strip you enjoy. Be on the lookout for these, and subscribe to the blog to be notified when they come out. Thanks for bearing with me!

What can I say? I am one special kitty

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